Fun Friday and house update

Today, Gay and I left the kids at home with Kelly and took the 8:40a ferry, optimistic to have a more productive day at the house than yesterday. Traffic was better today, so it was already looking up. After a quick stop at Home Depot, we got to the house and quickly got to work. We got all the wire pulled into the room again and we identified all the cables again because the labels were removed when I had to cut them and pull them back. Gay ran to the Lexus dealer in Bellevue to return loaner car and pick up our car from the service department while I finished installing the speakers in the ceilings, now that the kitchen and family room ceilings had been painted. This was a much more productive day!

Lots of progress on the house this week: master bath tile was finished and most of the butler’s pantry and kitchen tile was finished, the sliding door hardware in the attic was finished and installed, the painters finished the dining room, kitchen and family room and the few radiators we needed painted, the HVAC guys were installing the thermostats and had to fix some tough electrical issues with the boiler that I didn’t bother to ask the details about, the electrician put most of the electrical outlets in the garage and Colin reframed the garage doors preparing for the new garage doors next week, Tim and Kurt did miscellaneous woodwork (closet shelving, the base trim on the main floor, sauna exterior wall, the risers for the basement stairs). The stone guys did two-thirds of the powder room wall.

The floor guys are going to work on Saturday to put the final coat on the floors so all the protection was taken off the floors, so we got to see all the floors for the first time since they were refinished.

Next week, the garage doors should get installed, the electrical should be done in the garage, the rest of the appliances should be installed, some more decorative steel should be installed, possibly the steel basement stair guard rails will get built and maybe even installed (probably not), all the tile and stone work should be done and the exterior should get colored. And I may get the speakers all hooked up and playing music!

Only two weeks before we’re scheduled to move-in, so it’s crunch time and they have lots of little things to get finished. I also need to decide on and order all the A/V equipment so I can install it the last week.

We also got a surprise gift from Schuchart/Dow…. Katie stopped by while we were there and gave us our very own Schuchart/Dow jackets! When the project first began, there were a bunch of SD employees meeting with us all wearing these jackets. They look pretty sharp and commented on how nice they are. They explained that the employees get one of these jackets on their 5th anniversary. The men’s are nice Carhartt black jackets with the Shuchart/Dow logo (I love their logo) stitched on the lower back and their names stitched on the pocket. I got one of those. Gay got a ladies Patagonia black jacket with the logo on the back and her name stitched on the left arm. We were pretty excited about those. Gay hasn’t gotten any SD gear, but I’ve made out like a bandit: they’ve given me two work shirts, a more casual Dickies work jacket and even a hardhat. I love wearing the SD shirt when I work at the house because the few sub-contractors who don’t know who I am think I’m just another SD employee, not the homeowner, so I get treated like everyone else rather than have my butt kissed as the homeowner.


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