Selecting the exterior color

Selecting the exterior color has been delayed and we’re getting down to the wire. The stucco will be fog-coated, not painted (painting is bad for stucco), so it takes longer to get the colors matched and the material delivered. We finally got several color samples painted and hurried Nancy and My to come out to see them. They had time this afternoon, so Gay and I wanted to be there at the same time, so we decided to make another visit to the house today.

New vs Old stucco

I also got the chance to put the last pieces on the ladder rack and Gay could take some light fixtures to be repaired and rewired, pick up a few more window hardware pieces at Rejuvenation and a Costco supply trip. For the colors, I had my favorite color but everyone overruled me, which is usually what happens. They quickly picked one color, so no more samples (!) and we can get the ball rolling to order the material to make that color and get the stucco company started in a few weeks.

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