Quick Tuesday into Seattle

We had a meeting scheduled with the interior designers today so we went in early to stop by the house. There hasn’t been a lot of progress since we were there on Friday. We saw some of the floors that were refinished over the weekend and they look great. And the stucco guys finished the patching they had to do where windows were removed and other places where the stucco had to be removed. They did a good job making it look like the old stucco, which they did by literally throwing the aggregate into the cement. Once it’s colored, it should look pretty close to the original. We’re still waiting for 12th Ave Iron to deliver and install the kitchen shelves, which is holding up the kitchen tile, which is holding up painting.

We had a 2pm meeting at NB’s office and I got to see their new and bigger office on a new floor above for the first time that they moved into a few months ago. We went over the remaining issues, making some progress on decisions, and they came up with a good solution to the master bath shower door hardware that we’ve been dealing with. The unresolved issues with interior design are exterior color selection, dining room chandelier, kitchen bar stools, living room coffee table and several rugs, which are hard for me to accept because rugs are expensive and I can’t seem to get excited about any rug. On the way home, we made a quick stop a block away at Tom Douglas’ Seatown restaurant to see lights that NB likes for our dining room.

Once we got back to Vashon, we took the kids out to dinner at The Hardware Store.

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