At the house with Hudson

To make our weekly visit to the house, I got up early at 5am, which was easy because Eva is sick and not sleeping well so we can’t sleep well either, got my workout done by 6:30a, had a shower, made breakfast for everyone and ate it by a little after 8am. I’d like to start getting up earlier more often. We planned to take Eva with us, but decided to leave her at home with Kelly so she could sleep and get over her sickness. We took Hudson with us instead and he was excited to get the special treatment. He rarely gets time alone with us and we think he needs the break from Havana.

Hudson asked if we could get doughnuts, so we couldn’t resist. Thanks to that we happened to run into our friend Steve at Top Pot Doughnuts and got caught up on what he’s been up to. Then we went to the house.

My Ladder Rack

My, one of the interior designers, happened to be there with the drapery guy measuring for drapes. Gay got a chance to walk around with them and understand why they were recommending what they were, which we didn’t understand yet.

I got started planning the location of the ladder rack installation in the basement to get Gay’s approval. It has to avoid the heating pipes that are already there and the track lighting that isn’t there yet. After an hour discussion between us, Mark and Bill, the electrician, I could get started. By 2pm, I had the holes marked in the joists for half of it and mounted half of those brackets to the joists. Mark showed me how to use a porta-band saw (another new tool for me) to cut the threaded rods to the correct length and he helped me mount the first length of the rack. I bought all the equipment sight unseen from Black Box, so I was worried that it’d be flimsy and cheap, but it’s more sturdy than we need for the few cables and I love how industrial it looks. I immediately realized that the kids are going to be using it as Monkey Bars in a few years.

In other house progress, we saw the replacement glass installed in the family room door, the drying rack that we designed (and re-designed) built in the laundry room, the basement, attic and master bedroom painted, light switches starting to be installed and actually turning on/off lights, scaffolding constructed around the entire house and our office wall track installed and the frame mounted and working. The next month is going to show a lot of rapid progress.

We’re planning to sleep most of the week at the house next week so I can finish the ladder rack installation and do all my low-voltage trim-out work — the speaker installations and wall outlets — without having to go back and forth to Vashon every morning and evening. Mark is trying to get the plumbers to the house to install one toilet and get a shower working for us while we stay there. I’m looking forward to that. I may even get to help out with the sauna installation if they haven’t finished it by then.


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