Month: June 2011

Octane Fitness repaired again

Just like last time, the Octane Fitness elliptical started giving me the infamous “Err 3” after workouts. Just like last time, it got progressively worse and happened more and more frequently, but I could reset it enough to use it. Then the tension feature suddenly started to always be at the highest tension, which is so high I couldn’t run for more than few minutes. I called Octane Fitness and, again, quickly got a hold of a competent tech support guy. He knew exactly what the tension problem was — broken cables inside the brake. He said he’d send me replacements for free. I then said the Err 3 is back and he immediately said he’d send me another new stride motor, my 4th!, free of charge.

Octane Fitness Stride motor

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House update

Havana and Hudson have French camp this week so we could leave Eva with Kelly and we went to the house to keep working on the stuff I need to do. Gay helped me get all the CAT6 wires punched into the patch panel, a tedious job, and then to test all the wires through the house. They all tested fine. Then I hooked up all the speakers, except for the foyer speakers, to a receiver and we tested those and they all work too. Not bad for my first (and last) low-voltage sub-contractor job. Gay worked out all the issues with the electrical parts and finalized the cabinetry hardware positions with Mark.
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Fun Friday and house update

Today, Gay and I left the kids at home with Kelly and took the 8:40a ferry, optimistic to have a more productive day at the house than yesterday. Traffic was better today, so it was already looking up. After a quick stop at Home Depot, we got to the house and quickly got to work. We got all the wire pulled into the room again and we identified all the cables again because the labels were removed when I had to cut them and pull them back. Gay ran to the Lexus dealer in Bellevue to return loaner car and pick up our car from the service department while I finished installing the speakers in the ceilings, now that the kitchen and family room ceilings had been painted. This was a much more productive day!

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Tiring Thursday

Havana and Eva had doctor’s appointments so we went to the house so I could do some work while they went to the doctor in the afternoon. The day started bad with traffic on the West Seattle Bridge, I-99 and I-5 so we drove south to avoid it, Eva started crying and we took the long route to the house. Once we got to the house, the work I had to do did not go well. Because we moved the ladder rack from the position we were originally going to install it, all the wires were on the wrong side of a radiator pipe bracket. We couldn’t temporarily move the bracket, so I had to pull all the wires out, re-route them around the bracket and then put them back. Simple idea, but it turned into a mess. The wires all became tangled because there wasn’t enough room to spread them out. Me, Mark and later, a Schuchart/Dow intern spent a couple hours straightening them all out. That’s about all I got done all day, so it was frustrating.

While I kept working, Gay took the kids out to a park and then picked up dinner for us. We sat on the floor upstairs eating our dinner, while I complained about the work I still had to do. We didn’t get home until 10:30p and were going back in the next day, hoping for a better day.

No surgery for Eva!

Before Eva was born, they saw a cyst on her ovary during an ultrasound. Because we didn’t want to know the gender, they were careful not to explain anything in too much detail (and not say “ovary”!) but told us that it’s probably nothing to worry about and the OB/GYN kept reassuring us. Hard not to worry, though, especially when you have to not do any research about it for fear of discovering the gender.

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Eva is 6 months old

Eva is now 6 months old. She’s eating solid foods almost completely now, sleeps really well usually, has a great temperament, can pick up her binky and put it in her mouth on her own. We celebrated her half-birthday with a cake after dinner.


Mark and Lee, who are in Seattle visiting from London, came over for dinner and celebrated with us. They brought Eva a cute onesie, Hudson a polo shirt and Havana a counting game involving London buses. Hudson wanted to put his shirt on right away and Mark and Lee played the game with her and Hudson while we had cocktails.

Eva at 5 months, 4 months, 3 months, 2 months and 1 month.

Selecting the exterior color

Selecting the exterior color has been delayed and we’re getting down to the wire. The stucco will be fog-coated, not painted (painting is bad for stucco), so it takes longer to get the colors matched and the material delivered. We finally got several color samples painted and hurried Nancy and My to come out to see them. They had time this afternoon, so Gay and I wanted to be there at the same time, so we decided to make another visit to the house today.

New vs Old stucco

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