Another Hudson injury

We went into Seattle to go to University Village. Hudson still prefers not to use the toilet unless it’s on the ferry, which he’s learned will allow him to go out on the deck of the ferry to see the water after he’s done going potty. Today was no exception. I took him and Havana up to the bathroom and, while Hudson was waiting for Havana to finish, he was holding onto the bathroom stall wall while I was helping Havana when an idiot walked into the nextdoor stall and closed the door and locked it, squishing Hudson’s finger in the door.

Hudson can scream like nobody’s business and this guy was oblivious to the screams echoing through the bathroom. I had to beat on the door and yell at him to get him to unlock the door. When he finally did, he had a dumb look on his face like he had no idea what was going on. Even after I told him that Hudson’s fingers were caught in the door, it took him several seconds to understand and even then had to ask “Oh, did I close the door on his fingers?”. Yes, you did you moron! He was probably drunk, stoned or both — he looked like a guy who had been sitting out in the sun all day. He apologized, but what a clueless clod. Hudson finally stopped crying when I got him back to the car with mommy, but his finger was clearly hurting all the way to University Village where we got him some ice cream.

Poor Hudson, he seems to get hurt a lot more often than Havana does. He has a short memory, though, because on the way home he asked again to go up to the bathroom. This time there was no injury and he had a blast running around on the windy deck.

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