Day: May 26, 2011

Stone Brewing Co dinner @ Volunteer Park Cafe

While Gay went to Costco to buy the hot tub, I stayed at the house to start installing the ladder rack in the basement. Jon and Megan came over at 6 to see the house and Gay got back soon after. We gave them a tour of the house and then went to Volunteer Park Cafe for the Stone Brewing Co. beer dinner, an event I have been looking forward to since we had to cancel our reservation for last year’s event. Dinner was excellent but the beers were mostly standard Stone beers (Levitation Ale, Pale Ale, IPA) and the only Stone beer I hadn’t had before was their Highway 78 Scotch Ale, which unfortunately, is not available in Washington State — I really liked that . Their Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale was the stand-out for me, certainly the best Black IPA/Cascadian Dark Ale I’ve had since it’s a style I’m not fond of.

Hot tub and house update

We’re working on the plans for the house’s backyard, so it’s time to order the hot tub. We went over to Bellevue to Rich’s to see Clearwater Spas and then to Aqua-Quip to see Sundance Spas. We were essentially decided on a Clearwater Spas hot tub but wanted to see them all in-person and select the exact model and check out the color options before committing. We didn’t like the Sundance Spas, so we stuck with Clearwater. They’ve all got Memorial Day sales (it’s not just for mattresses anymore, I guess) right now but it turns out that Clearwater Spas, a local company, is at Costco this week selling them directly. Rich’s would sell it for about $2,000 off their normal price, but we saved an additional $3000 off Rich’s price. $5,000 will buy lots of beer — I love you, Costco!


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