House update

I hadn’t been to the house since last week so I wanted to go check on progress. We also got all our Lutron outlets, switches and dimmers so we had to deliver those to the house so the electrician can start installing them next week or the week after. We stopped at The Beer Junction to get some Friday beers for the guys at the house and, with no traffic at all, were at the house 15 minutes later, all the way from West Seattle. Incidentally, today was Seattle’s first 70° day of 2011, the second-longest span in history, short of the record by 3 days.

Powder Room Vanity

The security company was by this week to do yet more stuff to appease the annoying insurance company: they set it up to automatically arm itself at 5pm in case the contractors forget (which they hadn’t done once in the entire 10 months they’ve been working there), they put up big signs around the house telling thieves that cameras are watching them and they replaced the landline connection with a cellular connection for “signal continuity” — which we would have done anyway since we only have a landline now for Mark’s fax (ugh!) machine.

The kids’ bedrooms are finished being painted. Except for a minor problem with the colors in Hudson’s room and some touch-up that needs to be done, we’re happy with how they turned out. The kids’ bathrooms are also painted and complete, except for electrical and plumbing trim-outs. They’re finishing up the shelving in the kids’ closets. The master bedroom ceiling and trim is painted and the bathroom wall tile is almost done, so it can be painted soon. The painters were prepping the attic and basement to be painted next week and applying (smelly) special primer to the pipes in the basement.

The face of the powder room vanity was installed. Gay and I went to Crosscut Hardwoods to pick out the wood (walnut) in February and it’s finally done and looks great. Kurt was finishing up the shelving in the kitchen pantry; all that’s left for that is to put the steel on the fronts of the shelves.

One of Hudson’s teeth is turning black, presumably from one of his many falls, so Gay took him to the dentist while I stayed at the house. It turns out that while his tooth is dying, it’s nothing to worry about unless the gums get infected or develop and abscess, which it doesn’t appear to have happened yet, but told us what to look for. This is a new thing for us, but the dentist says this is very common and that we’ll now notice teeth in other kids that are darker than others too.

A few minutes before Gay got back from the dentist, Scot Eckley arrived to go over the latest revision of the landscaping design. We made some minor changes and there’s some details left to be worked out, but we should have enough decided that Schuchart/Dow can put the waterproof membrane on top of the garage and start building the decks and concrete walls.

We stopped at the park at St. Joseph’s to let the kids play for a half-an-hour before we went to Smith for dinner.

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