Day: May 20, 2011

House update

I hadn’t been to the house since last week so I wanted to go check on progress. We also got all our Lutron outlets, switches and dimmers so we had to deliver those to the house so the electrician can start installing them next week or the week after. We stopped at The Beer Junction to get some Friday beers for the guys at the house and, with no traffic at all, were at the house 15 minutes later, all the way from West Seattle. Incidentally, today was Seattle’s first 70° day of 2011, the second-longest span in history, short of the record by 3 days.

Powder Room Vanity

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Eva at 5 months

Eva is 5 months old today. Her temperament is still very good and she’s sleeping for long stretches at night more and more often. She is much more active when put in one of her play circle things, spinning around on her own and playing with the toys. She’s not as ticklish as she was a month ago, it’s hard to get her to giggle anymore when we tickle her tummy or neck. She’s started eating solids on occasion and has been very good at it, not spitting it most of it up like the other kids did. She is more responsive when you call her name and turns to look at you.

Eva at 5 months

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