Thursday in Seattle

We had to be out of the house for the broker’s open house this morning and Gay’s mom was flying in this morning, so it was the perfect time to schedule the monthly Project Review meeting with Schuchart/Dow. We took the kids into Seattle to go to the house and pick up Ruth.


We got to the house at 10am and got to see the changes in the last week: the glass installed in the family room doors, grout in the basement bath tile, master bath vanities installed, the basement cabinetry installed, the butler’s pantry steel shelving installed and all the trim in the kids’ bedrooms has been painted. While we were there, the security company came over to install sensors on the new family room doors, the painters painted the trim in the master bath and the countertops were installed in the butler’s pantry.

Jim and Katie came over and we talked about the landscape plan and got some good advice from Jim, and then we had our Project Review meeting over a Boulevard Seeyoulator Doppelbock.

While Mark and I adjusted a couple security cameras and mocked up the wood paneling in the basement theater, Gay took the kids and ran down to Renton to pick up her mom and brought her back to the house so she could see it for the first time.

Todd from Olson Kundig also stopped by to drop off the blueprints for the house on Vashon that we gave them over a year ago and to get a tour of the house so far.

We went to Elysian Brewery for dinner during their 15-year celebration.

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