Osama bin Laden killed


We were watching 60 Minutes when a news crawl came across the screen announcing that Obama was going to deliver an address to the nation. We quickly checked the Internet and saw the headlines that Bin Laden is dead.

Things I love about the story so far:

He was killed, not captured. No 5-year media circus trial. He wasn’t found dead, we went and got him.

No Americans were killed in the operation, which involved a fire fight. We did it perfectly — Mission Accomplished! Allah didn’t care about helping him, even on a Sunday.

He was killed in a mansion. He wasn’t in a cave suffering for the Muslim struggle, he was living large in a mansion. Hypocrite.

Obama pointed out that Bin Laden killed Muslims in his attacks: “He’s not a Muslim leader, he’s a mass-murderer of Muslims.”

There must be tons of evidence inside that house pointing to the other idiots in al-Qaeda. Their days are numbered.

One of Bin Laden’s sons was killed. Like in The Godfather, you can’t leave sons to avenge his father’s death.

A woman in the house was killed because she was used as a human shield by Bin Laden’s security. Assholes from beginning to end. Update: the woman was one of Bin Laden’s wives and he himself used her to shield himself from gunfire. Classy guy.

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