Month: April 2011

3 Days Of Progress

We’ve been working on getting our Vashon house ready to put on the market, working on the landscaping plan budget and working with the metal fabricators designing the hardware for the barn doors for the attic. I called Mark to talk about the barn door hardware design and he listed all the work that was going on at the house. Lots of stuff had been done since we were there on Friday:

Kitchen cabinetry installation was finished and the drawers and doors were going on, the countertops for the kids’ bathrooms was installed with their sinks, the tile on Hudson’s bathroom is almost done, Twisted Metalworks was there measuring for the office wall, the Ipê wood was delivered, the painters put all the colors on all the walls and ceiling and Nancy and My were there yesterday reviewing them and the finish carpentry was continuing.

Ipê flooring is here!

It’s amazing how much progress can happen in just a few days. Plus, Mark had our electrician come out today to look at installing the security cameras that the security company will provide.

Long Friday at the house

We had lots of meetings scheduled today: the landscape designer, Scot, came over to go over his budget estimate, Ryan from Superior Stucco came over to talk about the exterior stucco and two visits by security companies.


Since we’d be in Seattle all day, we decided to give Kelly the day off and take the kids with us and go out to dinner. They had fun playing in the house with all the people working and running around the front yard. Eventually, they got bored so it was time for the big gun: watching a movie on the iPad.

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iPad 2

My iPad 2 finally arrived. I ordered it on the Monday after the Friday it was released, when I didn’t get one at the local store. Almost 4 weeks later, it arrived. My SmartCover arrived a couple weeks ago.

iPad 2

It’s quite a bit faster than the older iPad and I really like how the SmartCover props it up for typing. But why doesn’t iTunes sync the app organization?!? It took me an hour to rearrange all my installed apps.


Moving speakers

I had to go to the house today to move the speakers I installed in the foyer. They had to be installed early because they’re installed into the drywall and the drywallers needed to tape and mud it over. But the interior designers picked some antelope heads we want to hang in the same place the speakers were installed, so the speakers need to be moved over to make it possible to mount the heads.

Kitchen cabinetry install

Gay, Eva and I took the 9:40a ferry and got to the house by 10:30a after a quick stop at Top Pot Doughnuts. Mark from Twisted Metalworks was there finishing the bracket installation in the attic, the tile guys finished the kitchen floor and were getting ready to do the bathroom walls, Kurt was busy with window and door trim, Colin was finishing up the blocking in the basement ceiling (which looks original!), and the cabinetry was being installed in the kitchen and butler’s pantry.

Colin and I worked on the foyer speakers, he did the south one and I did the north one, but we had to go before we finished, so I left it to Colin to finish.