House update

The sauna heater arrived at our house this week so we took that with us to the new house this morning to do some work. The security company installed the new monitoring devices (motion detectors, door contacts, smoke detectors) on Monday and Tuesday and we had our electrician install the cameras. I wish we had our electrician install the motion detectors and door contacts too because they ran new wiring, which I didn’t expect, and didn’t run it in conduit so it doesn’t look as cool in the exposed basement ceiling as all the other electrical does. We will have to have our electrician re-run that wiring.


Nancy and My came to look at more paint colors for interior and exterior. They’re almost done with all the color selections but are having trouble picking a few colors so asked for yet more paint samples to be done. They’ve done, I think, 8 samples for the living room alone and aren’t happy with any of them. They also guided the install of mock-up chandeliers in the main staircase. The carpenters built three mock-ups of the lights we’re going to get and needed to know where the wiring for them needed to be installed in the ceiling above. Mark climbed a tall ladder to mount temporary brackets on the ceiling with clamps and hang each of the lights and adjust their height.

I hooked up the DVR for the security cameras while Bill, the electrician, adjusted the cameras — he even had to fix one that arrived non-functional. I also assembled the cabinet for all the audio/video equipment in the house so that’s ready to go when I start the trim-out work for the audio/video equipment next month.

We did a walk-through with Bill to finalize all the light switches and outlets that we need to get. We’re buying all of those ourselves to avoid the P&O charge from the contractor. They and the sub-contractors have been very good about letting us buy things like that (plumbing fixtures, appliances, door hardware, etc) and delivering it to them for installation. We also planned electrical and lighting for the garage with Bill.

The cabinetry installers were there installing the faces on my closet cabinetry and Gay’s closet cabinetry is almost all installed too. Tile was being installed in the guest bath. A new wall panel was built and installed in the dining room to match the rest of the walls; the wall between the kitchen and dining room was almost completely removed but there’s a short length of wall remaining and needed to match the rest of the room’s wood wainscoting. A new basement mudroom door was also installed.

Next week, the new doors for the family room will be delivered and installed, which I’m looking forward to and want to be there to watch those get installed. The door jambs alone are 700 lbs so Mark is planning to use a crane to lift them. Hudson would love to see that, I bet!

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