Day: April 22, 2011

Lucky wood find

Since we couldn’t use the wood from Pioneer Millworks, we drove down to Tacoma this morning to visit Rhine Demolition, a stockpiler of reclaimed wood to look for a replacement. We quickly found some Douglas Fir planks that looked like the wood we wanted to use, but this was all very uniform, rather than the random stuff Pioneer Millworks sent. Better yet, it is reclaimed wood from the old Rainier Cold Storage Stock House that was partially demolished in 2008. That building was part of the brewery built by Andrew Hemrich, the founder of Seattle Brewing & Malting Company (that we photo’d in February) and the builder and original owner of our house. Months ago, while looking in an antique shop in Georgetown, I told Gay it’d be great if we could find something from the old brewery to put in the house. We finally did. We’re also going to get some bigger pieces of wood to build our basement bar top and possibly our dining table and office desks. The history is coming full circle; I think Andrew Hemrich would be happy.

Rhine Demolition

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