Day: April 16, 2011

Vashon Co-op preschool auction

Gay and I went to the annual auction for Hudson’s preschool co-op. This one was much better than the event last year — the venue was better and the food was better. Gay didn’t have to be a cashier this year either, so she got to actually be at the event. We did have to do a little work to take the auction items off the tables as each phase of the silent auction ended.

We bid on a few things but only won one: a beer and chocolate pairing with Theo Chocolate.

Replacement windows

We’re working on getting our house on the market and that required that we replace the failing windows. We’re replacing 13 of them, some worse than others, and 5 of them were done today. They would have done all of them but they mis-measured 8 of them (identical ones) so they arrived with windows that were too big.

The lucky new owner is going to get lots of brand new windows.