3 Days Of Progress

We’ve been working on getting our Vashon house ready to put on the market, working on the landscaping plan budget and working with the metal fabricators designing the hardware for the barn doors for the attic. I called Mark to talk about the barn door hardware design and he listed all the work that was going on at the house. Lots of stuff had been done since we were there on Friday:

Kitchen cabinetry installation was finished and the drawers and doors were going on, the countertops for the kids’ bathrooms was installed with their sinks, the tile on Hudson’s bathroom is almost done, Twisted Metalworks was there measuring for the office wall, the Ipê wood was delivered, the painters put all the colors on all the walls and ceiling and Nancy and My were there yesterday reviewing them and the finish carpentry was continuing.

Ipê flooring is here!

It’s amazing how much progress can happen in just a few days. Plus, Mark had our electrician come out today to look at installing the security cameras that the security company will provide.

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