Long Friday at the house

We had lots of meetings scheduled today: the landscape designer, Scot, came over to go over his budget estimate, Ryan from Superior Stucco came over to talk about the exterior stucco and two visits by security companies.


Since we’d be in Seattle all day, we decided to give Kelly the day off and take the kids with us and go out to dinner. They had fun playing in the house with all the people working and running around the front yard. Eventually, they got bored so it was time for the big gun: watching a movie on the iPad.

Froula Security was first and I walked him around the house so he could bid on a security system. Because the house has exceeded a threshold in value, the insurance company requires us to put security cameras around the house during construction. I don’t get it, cameras aren’t going to stop crimes; at best, they help police find the stupid criminal who didn’t know to cover their face. Froula seems like a professional operation, unlike ADT.

Scot arrived and we went through the project estimate line by line so we can get an idea of how much each part costs and work on a budget.

We ordered pizzas for lunch from Mad Pizza for the crew and then talked with Ryan about the stucco. Schuchart/Dow went out for other bids on painting/coloring the exterior and there were dissenting opinions on what is best to do — each said they can do the right thing, of course. In the end, we decided to continue our plan to fog coat the stucco to color it but we’re not sure whether to use a bonding agent, which will decrease breathability, or not under the fog coat. Ryan will do a test without the bonding agent next week.

We talked with Mark and Katie about various other things and carried the paint samples they made this week around to each room. Nancy and My had been there yesterday looking at the colors and they gave us a list of rooms and their chosen colors. They are having the colors they liked painted on the walls and ceilings before a final decision is made. It’s hard for us to pick one color over another when it gets down to exact shades, so we’re relying on their eyes to pick them. This is something they’re very good at and even when we initially disagree, we later realize they’re right.

The ADT salesguy came over (with a very odd hat) in the afternoon to scope out camera locations and to give us an estimate. I don’t understand ADT… their salespeople are contracted out, they’re not ADT employees and don’t drive ADT cars and vans. And I got mail from the ADT guy from an aol.com address, not an adt.com address. It seems unprofessional for one of the big names in home security.

The Schuchart/Dow woodworkers, including a new guy Jake, were busy putting trim around the 2nd floor walls, doors and windows and are almost finished. They were also preparing the family room floor for the Ipe wood flooring that will start late next week or early the following week after it’s arrived and has been cured. Except for the master bathroom and closets, the theater and a couple pieces for the kitchen island, the cabinetry boxes is all installed. Mark from Twisted Metalworks was there again finishing up the attic brackets.

Once we were done at the house, we had planned to take the kids out for dinner. It was such a nice day it would have been nice to stay in the city. Hudson didn’t get a nap, though, so he was tired and wouldn’t last through a dinner at a restaurant. We decided to just go home so he could get to bed early. We made the 4:40p ferry, had a quick dinner and Hudson was asleep by 6.

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