Month: April 2011

Havana’s school birthday party

We took our bouncy house to Havana’s school today and Gay made cupcakes so she could celebrate her birthday with her school friends. She likes butterflies, or “papillons”, so she requested “butterfly cupcakes”. Gay had to get creative:


Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to her in French and then they ate their cupcakes. Then we all went outside to play in the bouncy house for an hour. That tired them all out and there were only a couple injuries and crying kids, which is pretty good.


House update

The sauna heater arrived at our house this week so we took that with us to the new house this morning to do some work. The security company installed the new monitoring devices (motion detectors, door contacts, smoke detectors) on Monday and Tuesday and we had our electrician install the cameras. I wish we had our electrician install the motion detectors and door contacts too because they ran new wiring, which I didn’t expect, and didn’t run it in conduit so it doesn’t look as cool in the exposed basement ceiling as all the other electrical does. We will have to have our electrician re-run that wiring.


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Lucky wood find

Since we couldn’t use the wood from Pioneer Millworks, we drove down to Tacoma this morning to visit Rhine Demolition, a stockpiler of reclaimed wood to look for a replacement. We quickly found some Douglas Fir planks that looked like the wood we wanted to use, but this was all very uniform, rather than the random stuff Pioneer Millworks sent. Better yet, it is reclaimed wood from the old Rainier Cold Storage Stock House that was partially demolished in 2008. That building was part of the brewery built by Andrew Hemrich, the founder of Seattle Brewing & Malting Company (that we photo’d in February) and the builder and original owner of our house. Months ago, while looking in an antique shop in Georgetown, I told Gay it’d be great if we could find something from the old brewery to put in the house. We finally did. We’re also going to get some bigger pieces of wood to build our basement bar top and possibly our dining table and office desks. The history is coming full circle; I think Andrew Hemrich would be happy.

Rhine Demolition

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Pioneer Millworks

Our experience with Pioneer Millworks went from bad to unworkable. While we were looking for a reclaimed wood source, they provided our contractor, Schuchart/Dow, with a sample of their reclaimed wood that everyone liked. The interior designers, NB Design Group, especially liked it for its regularity across all the pieces of wood, i.e., it wasn’t just a hodge-podge of wood thrown together. Little did they know the sample had no relation to reality.

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My closet cabinetry

They’ve installed the cabinetry in my closet. I haven’t yet seen it in person but Mark texted me this morning about it and then Gay went to the house today and took this video of it.

I designed 2 pull-out cabinets to maximize the space I had (Gay got a much bigger closet than I did). In the 4 feet of wall space, I could fit 12 linear feet of hanging space instead of of just 8 linear feet by turning the cabinets 90°, which requiring a pull-out hardware design. My closet has a window in it so these pull-outs also protect my clothes from the sun. The interior designers did me one better by throwing a pull-out mirror in between them! Gay says it’s really nice and I can’t wait to go see it.

Vashon Co-op preschool auction

Gay and I went to the annual auction for Hudson’s preschool co-op. This one was much better than the event last year — the venue was better and the food was better. Gay didn’t have to be a cashier this year either, so she got to actually be at the event. We did have to do a little work to take the auction items off the tables as each phase of the silent auction ended.

We bid on a few things but only won one: a beer and chocolate pairing with Theo Chocolate.

Replacement windows

We’re working on getting our house on the market and that required that we replace the failing windows. We’re replacing 13 of them, some worse than others, and 5 of them were done today. They would have done all of them but they mis-measured 8 of them (identical ones) so they arrived with windows that were too big.

The lucky new owner is going to get lots of brand new windows.