Attic brackets, tile and cabinetry

We went to Seattle today for some errands and for me to go install the gas springs on the garage trapdoor. Mark from Twisted Metalworks happened to be there installing the brackets in the attic for the moving wall that they’re going to build.

Attic wall bracket

They had made the brackets that were installed in the ceiling months ago. Now he had the rods that screw into those brackets and hold the lower brackets fastened to the cross-ties. These brackets will hold the track for the wall. Olson Kundig designed them and, on paper, weren’t that interesting to us, but now that we saw them we really like them. The brass washer is a nice touch, although we’re not sure it was intentional.

I helped out a little handing the rods up to Mark (from Twisted Metalworks, not Mark from SD) while he was standing above the cross-ties so he could screw them into the hidden brackets in the ceiling. While Gay left and ran her errands, I went to the garage to install the gas springs on the trapdoor. I had tried a couple weeks ago to install them but found out that the ones I bought were too short and weren’t strong enough to lift the door, which turned out to be heavier than I thought it was. I had ordered longer and stronger versions, including better brackets as the others were bending under the weight, and had them installed pretty quickly. It works pretty well too… after you lift the door about 16 inches the springs take over and lift the door the rest of the way all by themselves. No more feeling like you’re about to be pulled into the hole in the floor! It’s also much easier to close it, you can just push it from the other side a couple feet and it closes by itself, so you don’t have to reach across the opening or stand on the side and lower it.

A bunch of the cabinetry had been delivered this week and was being installed. All the cabinetry in the bathrooms, except for the master bathroom, had been installed and the installer was finishing up Eva’s cabinetry today.

All the wood for the trim around the house arrived while I was waiting for Gay to get back and the guys hauled that in. The kitchen tile had been started yesterday and was getting closer to completion today. That looks great. Things are moving fast now but we’re told everything will feel like it came to a screeching halt when painting starts, hopefully in a few weeks.

Kitchen tile installation


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