Two problems solved

We found out today that two big problems we’d been worrying about for weeks were solved.

Master bath tile mock-up

The master bath tile looked like it would be difficult to set on corners of the bathroom because of its unusual surface — it has a bevel on the top and bottom and the face is convex. At the corners where the wall ends, some of the tiles would be cut and, because of the surface, it would be hard to make it look right, especially on outside corners. The tile guy was very worried about it and built a little wall to do a mock-up and it didn’t look good. So for weeks we’ve been going round and round about it with the tile guys, the designers and the manufacturer trying to figure out how to make it work. It seemed that it was meant to only be used on one wall but we wanted to use it on all walls of the bathroom, which requires going around corners. Everyone seemed convinced that it wouldn’t work and we had to pick another tile. I kept at it because I loved this tile the second I saw it but even I was considering giving up. With the master bath finally prepped for tile, they did a mock-up on the wall and, lo and behold, it looks good!

Kitchen tile cleaned

The other problem was the kitchen tile. When it arrived, they unpacked it from the crates, laid some down and they saw ugly stripes of burnishing in them. They were packed with two lengths of padding between each stone. As they traveled from China by boat, the vibration of the boat caused the padding to rub and wore stripes into them, as if they were sanded. It took 5 weeks to get the tile here, so we couldn’t just order more because that would delay a lot of work that was waiting for the kitchen floor to be done. While Mark worked with the US retailer in San Francisco to see if they would either replace the tiles or pay to have it repaired and we tried to figure out if we could arrange in the kitchen so that the worst of it was not visible — not likely, it turned out that 120 of the 130 tiles were damaged. Another shortened long story, Mark tried cleaning it with a mild cleaner and the burnishing came right out and they look great!


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