Trying out colors and furniture and a preschool

We took Havana and Eva on the 9:40a ferry while Hudson was at school. We were taking Havana to a preschool we’re trying to get her into in the Fall. We stopped at the house to test some paint colors and wallpaper options we like. Then we went to U Village to look at a few pieces of furniture we liked. We had lunch at the Ram Brewery and then went to the preschool.

Havana at a preschool

When we got there, it was after-school play time and she had fun playing with the other kids and she got to help paint a backdrop for their Spring play they were putting on this week. It’s doubtful she’ll be able to go there because they’re full, but we’re on the waiting list.

Living Room wallpaper option

We went back to the house and talked with Mark about various things and got updates on work. We left the house at 4:30p, stopped at Talarico’s again for take-out, missed the 5:40p ferry and got on the 6p ferry  — 2 hours to get home, ugh!

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