Furniture & Fabrics, Round 2

Gay met with the interior designers for round 2 of their plans. After the first round, we felt we were pretty far away from something we liked. But this one is much closer. We still need to find out how much some of the things cost before committing to them and we need to convince ourselves that some of the furniture is worth the price, but for the most part, we like the paint colors, fabrics and most of the furniture.


She also met with the landscape designer to see round 2 of that. Again, we’re very close to finishing that design. We need to get a better idea of the cost of things and make some minor adjustments.

She also saw the fireplace installed and talked to the tile guy about laying out the kitchen tile. No decision is simple; deciding where the full tiles should be and where the partial tiles should be in the room is always a trade-off and the tile guy doesn’t quite agree with the interior designers, so the decision ends up with us.


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