Gay’s Birthday Out

Kelly could work late to watch the kids so we could go out to dinner for Gay’s birthday. We left at 1pm, went to the house to check on progress and then to Roche-Bobois downtown to look at a sectional that the designers suggested. We checked out a couple other furniture stores near there and then made our way to Tavern Law for a drink before dinner.

I made a reservation at Cascina Spinasse for 6:30p and they stressed to me that they can’t hold a reservation so we had to be there promptly at 6:30p. A couple days earlier, I had secretly emailed some of Gay’s friends telling them they can meet us at Tavern Law at 5:30 for a drink if they were nearby. I didn’t know how long we’d be at the bar, so I was worried it’d be hard to make our reservation on time. That turned out to be true, we ended up staying at the bar with everyone until after 7.

Gay was surprised to see her friends showing up and some of her friends were surprised it was a surprise. I’m terrible at planning Gay’s birthdays because my ideal birthday (actually, my ideal day) is having a quiet dinner at home but Gay likes to be out and about celebrating with people. Reid, Marissa, Megan, Jon, Stephanie, Matt and Renuka all made it and we practically filled the tiny place. Technically, Alex and Niles made it too, but they misread my confusing mail and showed up the previous night (and emailed me asking where we were).

For dinner, We ended up just walking up the street to Barrio, which we saw on our way to Tavern Law and liked the looks of the place — big steel doors, thick wood tables, etc. This place has a very cool interior with an amazing wall of candles (that apparently takes 45 minutes to light). As we sat down, Kelly texted Gay and said that Havana and Hudson both had diarrhea so Gay was anxious about that, but Kelly assured her that they’re fine. We had a good dinner and made the 10:20p ferry home.

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