Day: March 14, 2011

From the annals of bad customer service: Pioneer Millworks

We’re putting reclaimed wood on a wall of cabinetry and on our office doors. Schuchart/Dow used Pioneer Millworks to order the wood a few weeks ago. Last week, we decided to not use it on the office doors because it’s too difficult to assemble doors out of it and mount it to track system — the labor to assemble and install the doors would triple the cost. So Schuchart/Dow called Pioneer Millworks to cancel 30% of the order (the amount for the doors) and they told them that they would charge us a 20% restocking fee for the cancellation. 20% is high, but the wood hasn’t even left their warehouse yet, so there’s no reason to charge a restocking fee at all! They don’t have to deal with handling a return, verifying that they received what they’re supposed to, deal with damage, etc. It felt like a threat to keep us from canceling an order they’ve booked more than a legitimate fee.

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