iPad 2 Day

Since the iPad 2 is going on sale today, we decided to go the house again so I could do some work and Gay could go to Albert Lee and Builder’s Hardware to look at stuff. We took the kids with us too so we could go to dinner before getting the iPad. I hate waiting in lines, so I wasn’t going to wait in line for the iPad and was hoping that I could walk in a couple hours later and pick one up.


Since the drywallers were done with their work and would start working on the patched areas around the house, I had to finally move the living room speaker holes. I had originally made holes down the center line of the room, but after getting an education on speaker placement from Noble Fidelity, I wanted to move them closer to the wall. Using a Fein tool, I cut the plaster out and then the lathes out and could pull the speaker wire from the other hole to the new ones. Cutting plaster is a dirty job, especially when it’s on the ceiling, so I was covered in plaster dust. Then I went to the garage to finish a small bit of masonite and tried screwing-down the existing masonite because it all bubbled since I installed it. More screws helped most of it, but there’s a couple sheets that need to be re-done.

The fireplace was delivered today, so I got to see that. It should go in next week. The drywallers were priming the attic, the last of the priming work. They finished that today so the entire house is drywalled, taped, mudded and primed. The tile guy was still working on the basement bath tile and almost finished. It looks fantastic, much better than I was expecting because this tile was chosen as a less expensive version of the one we chose for the master bath. Now I’m worried that the master bath tile won’t look good enough to justify the cost — how much better can it be? Kurt and Colin were putting the wood trim around the windows that have all been replaced and painted.

Earlier this week, the short concrete wall around the top of the garage was removed to make way for the decking and to allow water to drain off the side rather than through a drain in the center. Now we can get rid of the drain because I hate drains — they’re always clogged, require maintenance and you’re just throwing the water away into the sewer system instead of using it for irrigation.

Gay went to Albert Lee to look at refrigerators. The one she wants is super expensive and I’ve been trying to get her to find a less expensive alternative. I hadn’t been successful yet but I suggested getting a commercial refrigerator and freezer from True that also look just as cool, but are much much cheaper. It turns out those are very loud, way too loud for a residential environment, which I wouldn’t like. They also lack the consumer-friendly features like crisper drawers, adjustable bins and easy-to-clean shelves. She told the sales guy at Albert Lee that I’ve been complaining about the cost and, since we’re buying so much stuff (fridge, beverage fridge, beer fridge, ice-maker, stove & oven, vent hood, microwave, dishwasher, washer & dryer) at one time, he could knock of a few hundred dollars here and there and, with the current Sub-Zero/Wolf sale, we ended up getting more than $4,000 off. So sometimes whining works (don’t tell the kids!). Even with the discount, the fridge is still more than any other fridge, but it looks better than any other fridge and I can’t argue with Sub-Zero quality and the customer service we’ve had with the 20 year-old Sub-Zero in our current house — it’s been problem-free and they replaced the entire ice-maker system for free a couple years ago when Gay told them she didn’t like to see the minerals in the ice (which we think ended up being caused by Vashon’s harder water).

After I was done working, we went to the Apple store down the street at U Village and found a line that wrapped around the entire block and then some. I was afraid of that. We went next door the Ram Brewery for dinner to wait out the line. We also ran into Steve, Renuka and their kids there. At 7pm the line was still there but much shorter so I went in but found that they were sold out of iPads. Oh well. I wish Apple did the reservation system they did last year for the original iPad so I could reserve it and walk right in to pick it up, but I guess they really wanted to see long lines — sometimes Apple’s anti-customer/pro-marketing dark side rears its ugly head.

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