Landscape Designs

We met Scot Eckley, the landscape designer we hired, to go over the designs he’s been working on. He came with three designs, which is what we like to see. Multiple unique designs gives us the chance to see different ways of doing the same thing, to pick and choose the best of each and to merge them together. It’s also much quicker. We didn’t ask for 3 designs, he just showed up with 3.

We had a our monthly project review meeting with Schuchart/Dow and they got to see the landscape designs too and give us some feedback from their point-of-view.

Landscape designs

I’m not a fan of designers, in general, given our experiences with them in our careers. A good designer can do two things: 1) be creative and 2) understand how people use what they’re designing. Very few people who call themselves designers can do even one of those, and almost none of them can do both. This is why we love Tom Kundig so much, he excels at both (moreover, he’s efficient). Scot did a great job, he had 3 very unique designs and all had clever ideas in them like a hidden sandbox, an outdoor chalkboard and a swing attachment for the kids. We couldn’t have been happier with what he showed us and how sharp he is as a designer.

We took the designs home and later in the evening we went through them again and, to my surprise, we came up with what we think is the best design: it’s a merging of 2 of them with some slight changes. The 3rd design was practically dismissed altogether, but it helped us figure out what we didn’t want, so even it was useful. We’re very excited to get that started. And just in time too, the decks will change a bit and Schuchart/Dow is getting ready to start framing the decks.

Gay likes to remind me that Scot is the reason we even have this house in Seattle. We originally had him over to our Vashon house two years ago to talk about landscaping the yard. He had good ideas that led us to consider making changes to the house. That snowballed into changing more things in the house and ultimately deciding to change the entire thing and build a whole new house! For other reasons, we eventually decided to just move and, a year later, we bought the house in Seattle. Now Scot’s designing our yard, but an entirely different one than we originally talked to him about doing.

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