Furniture & Fabrics

We went into Seattle three times this week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. While Gay ran errands, I worked on putting in flooring in the garage at the house.

Today, Gay met with Nancy and My at NB Design’s office to go over furniture, fabrics and paint colors. I was supposed to go, but I get bored quickly talking about that stuff and I wanted to stay at the house and continue working.

NB Design's proposed colors and fabrics: Lounge

I was debriefed on it later and Gay brought home all the furniture configurations for me to see. In addition to their preferred furniture picks, they provided us with a thick binder of alternative furniture pieces, organized by room. It’s tough for them to pick furniture for the house because we want two styles, a more traditional style but edging towards modern for the main floors and a more modern/rustic/casual style for the basement and attic. They are mostly a modern interior design firm, so they’re going against their grain a little with the traditional styles and, frankly, we’re not much help because we don’t know exactly what we want either. They did great with the lounge, though, which is in the traditional part. I’d say about half of the rest of the house we like, the other half needs some more work.

The hardest part is picking wall sconces and chandeliers. I just don’t like much of anything I see. They picked a great chandelier by Alison Berger, who I’d never heard of, for the dining room that I thought was great and I was happy until I found out how much it cost. We also have to pick a chandelier for foyer and the living room and I don’t know how we’re going to do those either.


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