Two Breweries

After the unscheduled visit to the doctor, we swung by the house to check on progress. The drywall was going up in the attic. The guest room was done and we could see some of the cross-ties through the drywall. It’s going to look great when the ceiling is all drywalled.


Kelly and another nanny friend took Havana and Hudson and her kids to the Pacific Science Center so we had no reason to go home. We decided to stay in Seattle for the day, so we went  down to Georgetown to see the Georgetown Brewery, something we’ve been meaning to do for a while because our favorite architect, Tom Kundig, did their tasting room and its outside:


They don’t sell beer except in kegs or growlers at the brewery, but they give out free samples. As Homer Simpson would say, free beer? That’s unpossible! We had a couple samples while we looked at the details of the place. We think we’re going to design our basement bar similar to what Tom did for the counter at the brewery. And our offices will be split by a moving steel wall like what they have on the outside, although not that big or rusty.

The Georgetown Brewery is decorated with photos of local places and I noticed that one was a photo of the Seattle Brewing and Malting Company building. I didn’t realize it was still standing. That was the brewery that the guy who built our house founded and where the famous Rainier Beer was created. After lunch at Stellar Pizza down the street, we went down the street a little further and found the old building:


I love having a house that is part of Seattle (beer) history.

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