Metal in my eye

For the first 15 minutes of grinding the rust off the steel beam two days ago, I wasn’t wearing eye protection. I was getting some dust in my eyes so I went and found some eye protection. But I was too late. Last night, my left eye started to hurt and was bloodshot. Looking in Gay’s makeup mirror, I could see a tiny black spec stuck in my eye, fortunately not in the iris. We talked to our doctor friend about it and he said, because it’d be hard to get an opthamologist appointment on short notice, we should just go to emergency room the next day.

This morning, we got on the ferry to go to hospital, but while on the ferry, Gay called and got me an appointment at an opthamologist and they could get me in right away. 15 minutes after getting to the office and just a couple minutes after filling out the paperwork, the doc numbed my eye and pulled the piece of metal out with tweezers. He gave me an antibiotic prescription and I was on my way.


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