We went to the house today to go over the millwork with the millwork guy, adjust the foyer speakers (which someone already did), test the speakers in the house and decide on exact speaker locations in each room.

Basement with drywall

We got the see the basement drywalled and the taping guy was there doing his work. For the first time, we see real walls and can get a better sense of the space in each room. The drywallers were stocking all the drywall and materials for the other floors too with a boom that lifted everything through the windows in the upper floors.

The exterior wall on the garage had been removed and they found that it isn’t plumb, so that needs to be fixed. They’ll put a door in it and a new surface on it and we’re going to have it stuccoed to match the house. This has held up the garage interior framing this week, but should resume next week. I’m hoping I can help out with that work, maybe lay the floor down since that’s easy.

Mark had picked up some more 2x6s for me so I built 3 more speaker boxes to mount the speakers. I then tested them in the living room to see which we prefer. We had picked our favorite of the 3 pairs at home, but the difference was negligible. But when we played them all at the house, the difference was striking — the one we preferred, Noble Fidelity, had a more clear sound that filled the room and the bass was much more pronounced. I assume the difference was more noticeable because the room is bigger, had no furniture in it and the walls and floor were wood rather than drywall and carpet. The receiver at the house was also 100 watts versus the 65 watt I used at home, which should also make a big difference.

We made some changes with Mark and Colin to the speaker placement in each room before the drywall goes up. I’ll go in next week once the drywall is up to cut holes in the ceilings. We also made yet more slight changes with Bill, the electrician, for some wiring.

We got out of the house by 4pm, picked up Thai take-out dinner, made a quick stop at The Beer Junction to stock up for the Super Bowl, missed the 5pm ferry, waited for the 5:40pm ferry and got home by 6pm. That’s 2  hours to go from Capitol Hill to Vashon, 80 minutes of that to go just the last 3 miles by boat! To compare, we could drive from Seattle to Portland or Vancouver, Canada in 3 hours.

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