Month: February 2011


I had to go for my checkup with the opthamologist after he fixed my eye — it’s healing perfectly — and Gay had a haircut appointment, so we went into Seattle this morning. We went to the house and talked to Mark about some things. Katie happened to stop by and we talked to her about some things. Then Tom, the tile guy, came over and we talked about the problem tile in the master bath. More on that later…

Trapdoor opened

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Eva’s 2 months old


Eva is 2 months old today. She’s still a great baby, I can’t imagine how a baby could be easier. She only cries when she is hungry and, unless it’s taking too long, her cries are quiet. Like Hudson, she goes to sleep easily — no 45-minute struggle like Havana was. And she’s almost sleeping through the night already, often only woken up by Havana who still doesn’t always sleep through the night.

Eva at 1 month.

Two Breweries

After the unscheduled visit to the doctor, we swung by the house to check on progress. The drywall was going up in the attic. The guest room was done and we could see some of the cross-ties through the drywall. It’s going to look great when the ceiling is all drywalled.


Kelly and another nanny friend took Havana and Hudson and her kids to the Pacific Science Center so we had no reason to go home. We decided to stay in Seattle for the day, so we went  down to Georgetown to see the Georgetown Brewery, something we’ve been meaning to do for a while because our favorite architect, Tom Kundig, did their tasting room and its outside:


They don’t sell beer except in kegs or growlers at the brewery, but they give out free samples. As Homer Simpson would say, free beer? That’s unpossible! We had a couple samples while we looked at the details of the place. We think we’re going to design our basement bar similar to what Tom did for the counter at the brewery. And our offices will be split by a moving steel wall like what they have on the outside, although not that big or rusty.

The Georgetown Brewery is decorated with photos of local places and I noticed that one was a photo of the Seattle Brewing and Malting Company building. I didn’t realize it was still standing. That was the brewery that the guy who built our house founded and where the famous Rainier Beer was created. After lunch at Stellar Pizza down the street, we went down the street a little further and found the old building:


I love having a house that is part of Seattle (beer) history.

Metal in my eye

For the first 15 minutes of grinding the rust off the steel beam two days ago, I wasn’t wearing eye protection. I was getting some dust in my eyes so I went and found some eye protection. But I was too late. Last night, my left eye started to hurt and was bloodshot. Looking in Gay’s makeup mirror, I could see a tiny black spec stuck in my eye, fortunately not in the iris. We talked to our doctor friend about it and he said, because it’d be hard to get an opthamologist appointment on short notice, we should just go to emergency room the next day.

This morning, we got on the ferry to go to hospital, but while on the ferry, Gay called and got me an appointment at an opthamologist and they could get me in right away. 15 minutes after getting to the office and just a couple minutes after filling out the paperwork, the doc numbed my eye and pulled the piece of metal out with tweezers. He gave me an antibiotic prescription and I was on my way.


De-rusted the steel beam

We went to the house today to look at exterior paint color samples with Nancy and My. We’re pretty sure we’ve picked the window sash color so we can move forward with painting the windows before they go back in.

I also cleaned up the garage steel beam. It started to rust and we didn’t care. Then we decided we wanted to keep it from rusting after all. So Mark set me up with a grinder and I sanded the rust off, cleaned it up with denatured alcohol and then painted it with a matte clear coat of Rustoleum.

Cleaned the steel beam

The Jeep fits!

Back in August or September it took us quite a while to design a staircase in the garage that would still let us put a car as big as the Jeep in it. We figured out a design that gave us inches to spare above the hood. It also places you right between the cars rather than on one side of one car. Amazingly enough, what worked on paper also worked in reality.

However, we’ll always have to measure any car we want to buy in the future and park in this spot to make sure it fits.

The Jeep fits!