Day in Seattle

Kelly had to go to her grandfather’s funeral today and Gay had a doctor’s appointment in the city so we piled all 3 kids in the Jeep and went to the house. We stopped at Home Depot to pick up a sheet of drywall and drywall screws so I could build my little walls to mount the speakers in. I also brought the Triad speakers along to install at the house.

After a quick stop at the Starbucks drive-in for coffee and breakfast goodies, we got to the house. The drywall and materials were being stocked in the house and we saw all the insulation that was put in last week. Gay left Hudson with me while she, Havana and Eva went to her doctor’s appointment. Hudson played with the iPad while I worked on installing the foyer speakers. Gay got back with lunch and then took the kids out for haircuts (they couldn’t get in, so no haircuts) and for some playtime at University Village. I got the speakers installed, but one needs some adjustment, and tested them to make sure they work.

We stopped at Zeek’s on the way home for dinner, the first time all 5 of us went out to dinner together.


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