Triad DS 100 speakers

I’ve been working on selecting the audio/video equipment for those house and we’ll be putting in-ceiling speakers in most of the rooms. They’ll mostly be unseen, unless you look up at the ceiling, but in the foyer we couldn’t put speakers in the ceiling because the ceiling is inaccessible without disturbing the woodwork. We could have put in-wall speakers in the foyer but in-wall speakers are more noticeable since you tend to look at walls. I found some truly invisible speakers from Triad. They mount in the drywall and get plastered over with the surrounding drywall so it looks like a normal wall.

Triad DS100 speakers

I read a review of the higher-end model that sounded good, but I was still skeptical. They arrived on Friday and I got a chance to test them today. I’m not an audiophile by any means, but I’m impressed. I assumed they’d sound muddy, but the sound is very bright. In fact, there’s very little bass at all, since they require that you also use a high-pass filter to filter out the lower frequency sound so as not to knock plaster off the wall. The highs are every bit as bright as my 16 year-old floor-standing Klipsch speakers, possibly more. They just lack any low-range sound. I bet a subwoofer would make these good enough for mid-range dedicated listening speakers.

These are going to get installed in the  house this week, possibly even tomorrow, since the drywall is starting to go in this week.

At $550/ea, they’re more expensive than the traditional in-ceiling speakers we’re going to use in the rest of the house. I ordered three pairs of speakers in the $300-350/ea price range from Klipsch, Definitive Technology and Noble Fidelity to decide on what to use where total invisibility isn’t required. Those should arrive this week and I’m excited to test them.

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