Progressive Dinner 2011

Progressive Dinner 2011

Our new neighborhood has an annual “progressive” dinner, a dinner where each course (appetizers, dinner and dessert) are hosted at a different house. People who don’t host bring and prepare the food. Tonight was the 25th annual dinner and we were invited. Kelly could work today so we could go sans kids — our first evening out since Eva’s birth.

Gay made crab cakes and brought a cheese platter. Everyone brings 2 bottles of wine, but I was asked to bring beer so we stopped at The Beer Junction on the way. We had already met many of the neighbors but there were a few more that we got to meet. Appetizers were at the Pipers’ across the street, the main course was at the Welland/Jordan’s and dessert was at the Willison’s house. The food was great and I was surprised to find that I really liked the Imperial Pilsner that I brought, which was intended to be palatable to non-beer nerds like me. Between courses, we cleaned up and pack up the wine/beer and all walk to the next house.

Each year they award a Gardening award to someone in the neighborhood and this year we won it for taking down the Monkey Puzzle Trees! Either no one else did anything to their gardens this year or the neighborhood appreciates the removal of those trees almost as much as I do. The award is a large bottle of Galliano that must stay at your house for the year before moving to the next winner’s house. This bottle has clearly made the rounds for many years.

We heard some good advice about preschools — lots of choices! The street also has some cycling fans, and we talked about spending the month of July glued to the TV every year watching the Tour de France. I’m really looking forward to that in the new house — I specifically designed the TV location, doors and deck location so that I could watch the TdF while on the hammock outside. Several of the guys on the street go for a 2-hour bike ride every Sunday morning at 7:30a, rain or shine. I haven’t been on a group bike ride since ’98 or ’99 so I’m looking forward to being able to get back on the bike again and show these guys how slow I can go.

We didn’t leave until 10:30p, so we missed the 10:20p ferry home but made it to the dock in plenty of time to catch the 11:40p ferry and get home after midnight. I won’t miss the ferries.


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