House visit

Gay, Eva and I took the 9am ferry to go back to the house. We were meeting Katie and Jim (and Mark, who is always there) to talk budget, schedule and get Jim’s advice on a few things. I was also able to install some more blocking in the basement and did a better job this time (I think).

I also got Mark and Colin, who is
framing the garage interior, to put my trapdoor in the garage floor again, which we had nixed from the plans months ago. This will give me easy access to the top of the Jeep for loading and unloading.

Mark also gave me a couple Schuchart/Dow shirts, making me an honorary carpenter.

2 thoughts on “House visit”

  1. A little confused here:

    You said you are putting a trap door in the garage floor, which will give you access to the top of the Jeep.

    Is the Jeep normally parked with its roof on the garage floor?

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