More house work

Eva had a doctor’s visit and Gay was going to meet Nancy and My to pick out the actual slabs (as opposed to getting a random one based on samples) of marble and granite. So I decided to go in with her and work at the house again.

Troy with nail gun putting blocking in sauna

Today, I pulled some lathe & plaster off the south wall of our offices so I could run some cable into our offices. After that, I tidied up cable I had run in the attic crawl space and in the master bedroom. Then I got some training with the nail gun and put some blocking in the sauna wall, preparing for the sauna installation.

The drywall guys started preparing the studs for the drywall. They make the studs square and flat because wood bends soon after it’s used. They do this with planers and shims to make sure all the planes of the walls are flat. This makes the finished walls flat and even. I doubt any house I’ve lived in had this done!

Meanwhile, the other Schuhart/Dow guys were starting the framing in the garage. That’s the last of the framing and rough carpentry work.

The plumbing and HVAC have passed inspection. The electrical work is behind schedule and it doesn’t look like it will be done for a few more days. The drywall can’t go up until that is done and passes inspection. My low
voltage work is done and shouldn’t be a problem for the electrical inspection, but you never know how strict the inspector will be.

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