Low-voltage rough-in complete

I thought it would take me 2 days to do the low-voltage rough-in work at the house. 4 weeks later, I was done. I only got to work for half days because I had to travel via ferry each way and I took the week Eva was born off. It ended up taking me 10 half-days, so 5 full days.

Now I have to work on selecting speakers and go back after the drywall is up, probably 8 weeks from now, to install them. Then the painters can paint the grills. After painting is done, I can finish the “trim-out” (putting receptacles and wall plates in) anytime after the house is painted. I’ll also install ladder racks in the basement for the cable runs along the ceiling then.

Since the line-voltage electrical is still going on, I may go back and run a few more speaker wires since the walls are open and it’s easy to do.


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