Month: January 2011

Day in Seattle

Kelly had to go to her grandfather’s funeral today and Gay had a doctor’s appointment in the city so we piled all 3 kids in the Jeep and went to the house. We stopped at Home Depot to pick up a sheet of drywall and drywall screws so I could build my little walls to mount the speakers in. I also brought the Triad speakers along to install at the house.

After a quick stop at the Starbucks drive-in for coffee and breakfast goodies, we got to the house. The drywall and materials were being stocked in the house and we saw all the insulation that was put in last week. Gay left Hudson with me while she, Havana and Eva went to her doctor’s appointment. Hudson played with the iPad while I worked on installing the foyer speakers. Gay got back with lunch and then took the kids out for haircuts (they couldn’t get in, so no haircuts) and for some playtime at University Village. I got the speakers installed, but one needs some adjustment, and tested them to make sure they work.

We stopped at Zeek’s on the way home for dinner, the first time all 5 of us went out to dinner together.


Triad DS 100 speakers

I’ve been working on selecting the audio/video equipment for those house and we’ll be putting in-ceiling speakers in most of the rooms. They’ll mostly be unseen, unless you look up at the ceiling, but in the foyer we couldn’t put speakers in the ceiling because the ceiling is inaccessible without disturbing the woodwork. We could have put in-wall speakers in the foyer but in-wall speakers are more noticeable since you tend to look at walls. I found some truly invisible speakers from Triad. They mount in the drywall and get plastered over with the surrounding drywall so it looks like a normal wall.

Triad DS100 speakers

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Progressive Dinner 2011

Progressive Dinner 2011

Our new neighborhood has an annual “progressive” dinner, a dinner where each course (appetizers, dinner and dessert) are hosted at a different house. People who don’t host bring and prepare the food. Tonight was the 25th annual dinner and we were invited. Kelly could work today so we could go sans kids — our first evening out since Eva’s birth.

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House visit

Gay, Eva and I took the 9am ferry to go back to the house. We were meeting Katie and Jim (and Mark, who is always there) to talk budget, schedule and get Jim’s advice on a few things. I was also able to install some more blocking in the basement and did a better job this time (I think).

I also got Mark and Colin, who is
framing the garage interior, to put my trapdoor in the garage floor again, which we had nixed from the plans months ago. This will give me easy access to the top of the Jeep for loading and unloading.

Mark also gave me a couple Schuchart/Dow shirts, making me an honorary carpenter.

Hudson’s doc visit

When we got home yesterday, Hudson’s eye was pink and infected and he had a fever. It looked like pink eye. The pediatrician wanted to get a look at him to see if he had an ear infection or even strep throat, so we scheduled an appointment for today so I decided to go with and do more work at the house. This morning, he looked much better but we went anyway. He’s fine, no ear infection or strep throat.

Gay dropped me off at the house and I got a couple hours to hang out and put up some blocking in the basement. Hudson got to spend some time with us without Havana around too. He’s almost a different person when Havana’s not taking all the attention.

My handiwork

Metal Fabricators

We visited Twisted Metalworks and then 12th Avenue Iron to meet the metal fabricators for the metal work in the house. 12th Avenue Iron has a very cool shop (with an office designed by Tom Kundig) and is in our neighborhood on Capitol Hill.

12th Avenue Iron

One or both of them will do steel shelving in the kitchen and family room, steel cladding on the office sliding wall and pantry barn door, steel plating on the pantry shelving, steel cladding on the basement stair risers and the steel wall and handrail for the basement stairs, steel plating on our bathroom vanity cabinetry and around the doorways, door pulls on the barn doors and, possibly, a wall-mounted bottle opener in the butler’s pantry.

Windows and Walk-throughs

We met with the other Troy, from Legacy Renovation who is repairing the existing windows, and Katie and Mark, from Schuchart/Dow, to talk about the windows and screens.  They had put screens in two windows to show us what they look like and we hated them — ugly and permanent —  so we wanted to talk about custom screens that would look better and be removed when not needed. He described how they’d work and look and they should be much better, so he’s going to work up an estimate for them. They’ll be more expensive, of course, but we only need them on the bedroom windows. We also talked about his shop drawing for the new window in the kitchen — looks good — and hardware on the windows.

Attic with all skylights in

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