Eva Holland Hakala

She was born today at 2:47pm, 7 lbs 14 ounces, 19 inches. The labor was smooth and uneventful, a little quicker than Havana and a little slower than Hudson. She and Gay are doing well.

P.S. Her first name is pronounced like Eva Peron and Eva Gabor, not like Eva Longoria. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Eva Holland Hakala”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! And how are Pop & Havana & Hudson doing?!

    Will you call her Eva or Holland? Or Eva Holland? I thought Gabor, (Duarte de) Peron, and Longoria all pronouced their first name the same way. Or were you just trying to tell people you were NOT thinking of the former Mrs. Parker when you decided on that 🙂

    Actually, I think she’s still technically Mrs. Parker.

    I love Holland – so great and original.

    Hard to tell from the photo angle who she looks like. But I’m thinking more Gay? Havana still looks so much like mom.

    What a time to decide to check out your blog – think the last time I checked in was when I commented it’s so great you got rid of your monkey puzzle trees.

    What an extra special holiday season for all of you. Thought of you just now and was wondering if the new kid had arrived. Would love to meet her.

    Love and Peace,
    -Alex & Niles.

    1. We’ll call her Eva.

      My local celebrity expert tells me that Eva Longoria is pronounced E-vah, not A-vah.

      I think she looks like Havana did. I don’t think either kid look like either of us.

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