Our neighbor, who is not neighborly, came to our house this morning with another unfriendly neighbor with shovels in their hands. They live down by the water about 200-300 feet below us. They told us that there was a mudslide that affected the road that runs down to their houses. They said they brought shovels to “redirect the stream of water running off our property” that caused the mudslide.


What they didn’t realize is that Seattle had record rainfall for the last few days and their were mudslides all over the county and our mudslide was one of many (and not very significant). They thought that ours wasn’t caused by heavy rain, but by some kind of river that we made that is running over the edge of our property. When they realized that there wasn’t any water running over the edge, they left promising, in a threatening way, to “be back!”. Ooh, scary.

Background on these women: one woman has never seen what happened on 9/11 because, as she proudly declares, they don’t own a television, as if anyone who owns a television isn’t as enlightened as she is. Classic Vashon. The other friend didn’t like our dog because she barked at her car when she drove by our house so one day when she didn’t realize I was watching, she drove really slowly by our house, waited for Illy to walk over (she’s old, it takes her a while) and had her kid spray something (I don’t know what it was; I hope just water) from a spray bottle at her when she got near enough. I ran down the driveway when I saw that and she sped off. She was teaching her kid how to be cruel to animals, I guess. Classic Vashole. I shouldn’t be surprised that they don’t understand what heavy rain and gravity does to steep slopes.

I called the husband of one of these women to talk about the slide rationally. He apologized for his wife’s attitude that morning and we had a decent conversation about what to do to prevent any more damage.

In summary, they needed a favor from us and their first idea was to come at us aggressively demanding it. When that didn’t work, they decided to be polite.

Update: We had a geotech come over the next morning to look at the slide. He was unimpressed. In fact, he was concerned the road below because it is filled with cracks, meaning that slides are imminent below the road. He suggested putting straw down on our slope to prevent any more sediment from coming down, but as expected, he just said that this is life on a steep slope and you can’t fight nature and gravity. I called the neighbor to report what the geotech said and left a voice mail message. I never heard a thing, I assume because we haven’t had much rain since and there haven’t been any more slides. I imagine they’ll just wait for the next problem to react to (and be angry at us over) rather than try to be proactive. The motto of the ignorant: blame everyone else for your problems and expect others to solve them for you. I just hope that no one is driving a car on their road when it gives out.


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