Working Days + Date Night

Due to the snow storm Thanksgiving week, Kelly didn’t work. We asked her if she wanted to make up the hours by staying overnight with the kids while we had one last date night before baby #3 arrived. She did so we also scheduled ourselves to due the low-voltage electrical work at the house too.

At the house, we figured out the runs for the wires and Mark set me up with a handy right-angle drill to drill through the joists. The old joists were tough to drill through so it too me a while to drill through about 30 joists in the kitchen/family room. By then, it was quittin’ time so we left and went to the hotel, Hotel 1000.

Drilling through joists

We took showers, got dressed and went to the bar for a complimentary cocktail and then walked a couple blocks to dinner at Lecosho, a place we went to in October.  Great dinner.

Friday morning, we woke up without kids waking us up. We ordered room service for breakfast, left the hotel and went back to the house. I marked out the cable runs in the master bedroom and bathroom and then finished holes through double joints in the kitchen that I couldn’t do the night before without a drill extension. While Gay went through the light switch and outlet placement with the electrician, I ran the Cat6 cables from the basement through the kitchen and family room ceiling and down the west wall.

I think the hardest part is done. There were a lot of joists I had to drill through in the kitchen and because the wood was so hard, it was harder than I expected to drill through the joists. There are fewer joists to drill through in the master bath and bedroom and in the dining room. We’re going to go back Monday to see how much of that we can get done.

5 thoughts on “Working Days + Date Night”

    1. It’s just old. New lumber is grown faster than it used to be, so it’s harder. The drill bit wasn’t very sharp either. I went to Home Depot and got a new bit and it’s much easier.

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