Month: December 2010

Illy, 1995-2010

Gay and I got Illy in 1999 from Lab Rescue. She was 4 years old and was being given away by her owners because the mother developed terminal cancer and couldn’t care for her anymore. They got her as a puppy and their child grew up with her for the first few years of their life. Lab Rescue told us that they had tried a few times to let her go and canceled at the last minute each time because they didn’t want her to go. We feel the same.


When we met her at the foster house she was spry. She even played fetch with me, something she never did since. We put her in the back of the Jeep and drove her home. On the way, we realized our getting a dog wasn’t well-planned and we didn’t have anything at home for her. We stopped at a pet supply chain, Petco, for some supplies. We got a collar, dog dish, food, etc and continued to home.

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Eva Holland Hakala

She was born today at 2:47pm, 7 lbs 14 ounces, 19 inches. The labor was smooth and uneventful, a little quicker than Havana and a little slower than Hudson. She and Gay are doing well.

P.S. Her first name is pronounced like Eva Peron and Eva Gabor, not like Eva Longoria. 🙂


Our neighbor, who is not neighborly, came to our house this morning with another unfriendly neighbor with shovels in their hands. They live down by the water about 200-300 feet below us. They told us that there was a mudslide that affected the road that runs down to their houses. They said they brought shovels to “redirect the stream of water running off our property” that caused the mudslide.


What they didn’t realize is that Seattle had record rainfall for the last few days and their were mudslides all over the county and our mudslide was one of many (and not very significant). They thought that ours wasn’t caused by heavy rain, but by some kind of river that we made that is running over the edge of our property. When they realized that there wasn’t any water running over the edge, they left promising, in a threatening way, to “be back!”. Ooh, scary.
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Working Days + Date Night

Due to the snow storm Thanksgiving week, Kelly didn’t work. We asked her if she wanted to make up the hours by staying overnight with the kids while we had one last date night before baby #3 arrived. She did so we also scheduled ourselves to due the low-voltage electrical work at the house too.

At the house, we figured out the runs for the wires and Mark set me up with a handy right-angle drill to drill through the joists. The old joists were tough to drill through so it too me a while to drill through about 30 joists in the kitchen/family room. By then, it was quittin’ time so we left and went to the hotel, Hotel 1000.

Drilling through joists

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Illy’s sick

18 months ago, Illy had “sudden dizziness”. Last week, she got it again. This time it took longer to go away and when it did, she still wouldn’t eat or drink much. By the time she wouldn’t even get up and couldn’t keep food down we called the vet. They sent someone over (vet housecall!) to look at her today.

We ended up giving her an IV of fluid to see if she feels better. A few hours later and she was noticeably happier and more alert and even ate chicken and rice. We’re going to give her Kaopectate (to calm her stomach) and Tramadol (for arthritis pain) for a few days and she if she improves.

She is 15, which is very old for a Labrador, so these things are to be expected.

Monday visit to the house

On our way to the house, we stopped to pick up lunch at Bakery Nouveau, our new favorite bakery, in West Seattle. We met the interior designers at the house to talk about some things as well as with the tile guy who had some questions for the designers and us about tile details in the bathrooms. We also walked through the basement electrical switches and outlet locations with the electrician.

Basement radiant heat manifold

The plumbers were also there continuing their work and the last of the attic rafters were going into place. After that, we went to Gay’s baby doc for the weekly checkup.