Power outage

We lost power on Monday night during Monday Night Football. Thanks to the generator, we hardly even noticed. But on Tuesday, Comcast went down so we lost the internet, which is painful. Power came back on early Thanksgiving morning but Comcast didn’t. By Saturday, I called Comcast about it. They had some people on the island working on the problem so one came over to the house. He couldn’t help, of course, but he did give me a new DOCSIS 3.0 (faster than DOCSIS 2.0) modem that I’ve been putting off exchanging myself at the Comcast store in Seattle. As luck would have it, they fixed the internet in the neighborhood while he was here and he got the modem set up and our service upgraded to take advantage of the faster modem.

Now we’re getting 40Mbps download and almost 4Mbps upload! Amazing. When we ran Recipezaar years ago, we paid hundreds of dollars a month to get 5Mbps in both directions at the colocation facility.

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