Day: November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving deliveries

We took the 10:10a ferry, made a couple stops including one at The Beer Junction where I picked up some great winter beers — the fall/winter beer season seems to get better every year! We went to the Schuchart/Dow office, saw Doug and Katie and dropped off Thanksgiving gifts for them and Jim, and then went to the house to check on the progress and drop off Thanksgiving gifts for the guys there.

Plumbing has begun

More windows are boarded up so from the outside it looks like it’s a condemned house and it’s dark inside. Plumbing and electrical rough-in work has begun, the basement floor etching was being done and they were still working on the attic structural work. The attic work will take at least another week and the plumbing and electrical work should be finished the week after Thanksgiving. That’s when I can do the low-voltage work.

On the way home, we stopped at Talarico’s to get pizza for dinner. Mark recommended the place and said the pizzas are large. He wasn’t kidding, I’ve never seen a bigger pizza! I couldn’t even fit the box through the door to our house without angling it.


I didn’t like that Obama bailed-out General Motors and thought it’d be a mistake, but it turns out that it was smart. Not only is GM profitable again, very profitable even, and today had a new successful IPO. American taxpayers have been paid-back for half the investment and the rest is sure to be repaid too. Obama and GM want the Federal Government out as soon as possible because it’s a conflict of interest to have the government be invested in a corporation, but it’s hard to argue that Obama hasn’t been the best GM CEO in many decades. I’m glad I was wrong. Good job and good luck, GM.