Hudson Ale

Reading beer blogs, I discovered that the New Jersey Beer Co just made a new beer called Hudson Ale. Technically, it’s called “Hudson Pale Ale”, but close enough. They beat us to it, we planned one day to make a beer and call it “Hudson Ale” because Hudson, our son, has a middle name of “Ale”, which was a rejected first name. I own the domain name just for this purpose. I emailed the brewery asking if I could get a t-shirt or glass or something with this label.

Hudson Ale

One thought on “Hudson Ale”

  1. Just got the nephew in law a beer making kit for him to give a try with. He’s been talking about making beer or wine and I figured it was an easy way for him to find out if he really is that interested. Told him the first bottle of Sticky Wicket he makes, I want.

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