Neighbor’s Open House

A neighbor in Seattle just finished their kitchen remodel and the builder had an open house to show it off. Gay also had an OB/GYN appointment today, so it was a convenient time to go into Seattle. The doctor visit was uneventful as usual (which is always good news), we went to the house to check on the progress and to nail a few electrical boxes to the studs where we want the outlets for TVs to go (hidden behind the TVs).

Sauna & Bathroom

The basement bathroom, sauna and gym are all framed so the basement is done with framing. The plumbers were there starting the plumbing rough-in and the bathtubs for the guest bath and both kids’ baths were there waiting to go in.

Many of the windows had been removed and boarded up while they’re being repaired. So the house looks like a condemned house right now with plywood covering the windows. The new kitchen window was mocked up so we could see its placement on the inside and the outside and it will be slightly changed from the design to look more like the existing windows and to line up with windows when viewed from the outside and to make room for a header beam above it.

The interior designers left some stone samples at the house. We still haven’t decided on the master bath vanity so they left a sample of one they liked. They also left the kitchen tile sample so we could take another look at it in the house. The builders have done some more concrete samples so we could decide on how much to etch the basement concrete floor to get the look we want and which sealant to use. I think we’re decided on that, but want to get Nancy’s (the interior designer) opinion before we finalize it.

We talked with Mark for a while about the attic structural work that needs to happen. Because the dormers need new header beams, there has to be more support for them that carries down to the ground. After they took up part of the attic floor they discovered that there was no beam where they expected one, so the structural engineer needs to get involved (again!) to figure out a solution. The attic is becoming more and more of a headache. We came up with several options to pursue and Mark will work with the engineer to see which can work.

After we nailed up a couple electrical boxes (in the dark!), we went down the street to the neighbor’s open house. There was a nice spread of food and beer and wine out and we talked with a few of the neighbors we’d met already (they are still talking about how great it is that we got rid of those Monkey Puzzle trees — I agree). Since we’re going through a remodel, including a big kitchen remodel, we were very interested to see how their kitchen turned out. The owner is a foodie and she clearly put a lot of thought into the kitchen design and placement of things. They also have the very same refrigerator we’re getting and she raved about it. The wood floor and wood cabinetry was all made of reclaimed lumber and was very nicely done. We also talked with the architect/designer who did the work.

We stayed there for about an hour and then went to meet Jon & Megan at Smith for dinner.

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