Day: November 6, 2010

Octane Fitness Err 3

Googling for “Octane Fitness Err 3” doesn’t provide much help, so I’m writing this to get it into Google to provide more info…

We bought an Octane Fitness elliptical machine almost 4 years ago. It’s a great machine and we love it. A year ago it started showing “Err 3” on the display after being used when the Cool Down program finished. We could still use it, we just had to hit the Clear button and it was fine. I couldn’t find much of anything about this online so we called the dealer where we bought it. They concluded that it needed a new right stride motor — the motor that adjusts the length of the running stride. Octane shipped them a new one for free and we paid the $125 or so for their repair man to come over and install it. That fixed it for a while. It started doing it again a few months later so Octane thought it was one of the logic boards that was failing. They shipped them a new one of those and we paid the $125 or so for the guy to install that.

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