My 41st Birthday

As of today, I’ve made 41 trips around the sun. I hope I get a lot more. Gay made me birthday dinner, as usual, and got a ton of nice beers for me to pick from while she cooked. Knowing I’d have wine with dinner, I took it easy and had Sierra Nevada’s 2010 Celebration Ale, one of my favorite winter beers.

41st Birthday dinner

Summary of my 41st year:

Just a few days before my 40th last year, my dad had a sudden visit to the hospital and they found he had cancer in his kidney. He had it removed and is cancer-free.

We went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a winter vacation.

We were working with Tom Kundig on designing a new house on Vashon and were getting cold feet about staying on Vashon, so we took three trips, in January, February (with Havana) and in March with both kids via Tahoe, to San Francisco to see about real estate there.

Havana had her first ski lesson while in Tahoe.

Hudson had his first (and hopefully last) stitches after mysteriously falling on something (we still don’t know).

We celebrated Havana’s 3rd birthday.

We decided to not build the house on Vashon and to buy a house in Seattle instead. We finally bought a house in Seattle in June and closed on it July 19. It’s been under renovation ever since.

Gay and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.

Hudson turned 2.

Baby #3 was conceived and is mostly done.

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