Month: October 2010

Solution to the Monkey Puzzle

We submitted our permit application on September 1, we waited patiently but never heard anything about it. Gay called Seattle DPD a few times to find out what the status is and today, got confirmation that we could cut down the Monkey Puzzle trees. They even said we didn’t need a permit:

I have reviewed your application. According to the tree ordinance #25.11.040 B, you can go ahead and take the two Monkey Puzzle trees down without approval from DPD, as there are no ECA’s (Environmentally Critical Areas) on your property and you are not taking down more than three trees within a one year period. If you have further questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

I wish we knew this weeks ago, but at least we don’t have to pay for the permit. Seattle should be paying us to remove those trees anyway. The Capitol Hill beautification day is October 27.

Electrical meeting

We left “Olson Kundig”:, stopped at Fuel Coffee for coffee and a scone, and then went to the house to meet with the electrical subcontractor.

We gave him our plan for the low-voltage (audio, video, networking) work we want and we showed him where we want speakers and outlets installed. We also talked about how much of the electrical we will replace, including light fixtures.

That took a while. Then Doug had brought sandwiches for lunch so we had lunch with him and Mark. We made it to the 3:05p ferry and were back home by 3:30.