Basement concrete

Before the kids went trick-or-treating, we went in the house to see the basement floor. It can be walked-on now, but will be curing for a couple weeks. After that, they’re going to lightly acid wash it to expose some of the aggregate.


New concrete in theater


Concrete is curing

This week they hooked the old boiler back up to get some heat in the house, so the radiators were on for the first time since we inspected it and the first time we’ve been in it while it was heated. It was nice and the radiators, as expected, are not too hot to touch.

The radiant heat in the basement floor isn’t yet hooked-up, but they said they’d connect it to the boiler and use the heat to help the concrete floor cure. So hopefully we can walk on it barefoot to test out how that feels.

We sent mail to the neighbors offering the wood from the trees we cut down and told Schuchart/Dow’s people they could take it too. I was surprised to find that all of it had been taken! We were going to post an ad on Craigslist for free firewood and let people haul it away for us, but we didn’t want to have a bunch of free-stuff-scavengers coming over at all hours of the day.

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